Our mission

Technical solution customized to customers' requirements

Currently most of our production involves special executions, manufactured according to customers’ requirements. Thanks to an excellent preparation and to the help of modern equipments, starting from the main application of the required product, our Team aims to propose valid solutions at competitive prices.

Often - already in the planning phase - customers rely on our support, establishing with us a strong cooperation and recognising to us the precious role of “external strategic resource”. Therefore we constantly try to grant to our customer a competitive contribution, supplying a quality product at an adequate price.

Technical solution customized Technical solution customized

High Efficiency Products Range

The European Commission, within the course and scope of the Directive related to Eco-Design and the reduction of environmental impact of products employing energy, has published on 22 July 2009 on the European Official Gazette the new regulation, re-defining the specifications of energy efficiency for the electric motors introduced on the market.

We supported originally to voluntary agreement CEMEP-EU for EFF classifications and we achieved the homologation for High Efficiency related to Canada and Usa markets; therefore we can count on proper test instruments and we reached a significant experience and technical competence in the motors development and classification with full respect of the new rules and international efficiency standards.

Today then Motori Bonora offers the High Efficiency products range in compliance with the current law provisions.

An eco-friendly company

Within its industrial strategy aiming to the environmental respect, Motori Bonora fulfilled in 2010 an integrated photo-voltaic system powered 191kWp, enabling substantially the self production of all the needed energy, reducing so the CO2 emissions of approx. 104,5 T/year.

An eco-friendly company

integrated photo-voltaic system