Motori Bonora S.p.A.

Since 1945

Motori Bonora S.p.A., producing asynchronous electric motors three-phase and single-phase since 1945, is a typical medium-small italian company: founded in the first postwar period by Giorgio Bonora, it is controlled and managed directly by the family Bonora, now at the second and third generation.

In a first long phase all working procedures were fulfilled inside and the company gradually increased investing in all productive departments (foundry, die-casting, stamping, winding, mechanical machining, etc.).

This vertical development strategy was partially forced by the market low availability of components and semi-finished products.

In the early ’90 – aligned with the market evolution offering a wide net of highly specialised and competitive sub-suppliers – the company decided to operate a radical productive re-organisation,relying on outside companies for foundry and basic workings, in order to concentrate on activities of design, mechanical workings and assembling.

The most significant part of the production was always represented by IEC unified standard motor.

In 1998 the company moved its productive structure in the new current plant located in Via Renovecchio, a 7000 establishment on a total round surface of 21.000 sq. mt. The large available space enabled us to re-design the company layout.

Besides, in the last years Motori Bonora has progressively increased the production of customised products, manufactured on special requirements of Customers.

This pushed us to concetrate our main resources in the technical department and in the test lab.